Evening MBA

Many qualified professionals who would like to earn MBA degrees hesitate because they can’t afford to take time off from work and they don’t want to give up what little free time they have. But evening MBA programs allow you to earn an advanced business degree while continuing your professional work and keeping your weekends free. These part-time MBA programs are designed specifically for experienced working professionals who want to apply what they learn immediately to their daily work. And while they are academically demanding, they still leave you enough weekend flexibility to be able to go out and blow off some steam when necessary.

When to Pursue an Evening MBA Program

Evening MBA programs are ideal for experienced professionals who want to advance within their current organization or along a similar career path at another company. Earning an MBA degree is the next step for individuals who have already gained business experience but need to gain skills and knowledge in order to reach the next tier of management. The chief advantage of the part-time format over other MBA programs is the ability to continue working and making time to enjoy your other passions during your studies. Most evening MBA programs also allow you to take several years to complete your degree if necessary, so you can adjust your time commitment to make room for other parts of your life.

When to Avoid an Evening MBA Program

Evening MBA programs are not ideal for students who want to take their career hilary duff pokies in a radically different direction. While some part-time MBA students do switch fields, #full-time MBA programs are best suited to this goal, as they provide an immersive educational experience with greater opportunities for specialization. Part-time MBA applicants who prefer to keep their evenings free should consider a #weekend MBA. And professionals who require even more flexibility than part-time MBA programs offer might consider a #distance learning MBA program.

What an Evening MBA Program Means to Your Career

Evening MBA degrees are designed to complement your professional work, providing you with skills and knowledge that you can apply in real-time, while also preparing you to face challenges at higher levels of management in the future. An MBA degree will help you to make more money, ascend more quickly through your organization and broaden the horizons of your professional network. While figures are not available specifically for evening MBA salaries, part-time MBA students average an annual salary of $76,000 at their first post-graduation jobs, according to the GMAC.

Evening MBA Program Rankings

There are no rankings specific to Evening MBA programs, but U.S. News & World Report does produce an annual ranking of the top part-time MBA programs, many of which include evening scheduling options:

  1. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
  2. University of California — Berkeley (Haas)
  3. University of Chicago (Booth)
  4. New York University (Stern)
  5. University of California — Los Angeles (Anderson)
  6. University of Michigan — Ann Arbor (Ross)
  7. University of Texas — Austin (McCombs)
  8. University of Southern California (Marshall)
  9. Indiana University — Bloomington (Kelley)
  10. The Ohio State University (Fisher)